The Black Friday of Club Cavallo Italia

The Black Friday for those who love the horse!

Black FridayWe at Club Cavallo Italia love and respect the traditions, all the important traditions for which we also participate in the Black Friday with our Club Cavallo Italia Shop, a classic and traditional moment now all over the world, offering a discount on our products, a small discount because if the discount is big means that to date we have earned more than we owe to our customers, which for us are very, very important, stealing money.

Black FridayThe discount we offer for the Black Friday of 2017, from Friday, November 24th to Sunday 26th November, is 25% off all products in our shop, a discount that will be applied to the cashier by entering this code:


In addition to this small discount, we give away who will buy, until the stocks are exhausted, a print or a collection of rare, old and now unavailable postcards, drawn from the paintings of a great Italian painter.

Below you see the beautiful and rare postcards we will give you.
Black FridayThanks and now good buys in our collections of Watches Collection, Jewelry Art Collection and Leather Goods.
Important: Black Friday discount is not applied to our Collections Z.
Thanks again and for any request, or other, send us an email to:
A good greeting.