Club Cavallo Italia and the Horse

Club Cavallo Italia and the HorseClub Cavallo Italia and the Horse. Because? To offer to all the people who love the horse news, insights, curiosities that are not found in the other sites.
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Here you will never find news on horseback in sport or in other topics of journalism (for this there are specialized sites and journalism and current affairs are not our job) but you always find news and insights, in continuous enrichment, on the horse when he is a protagonist in the arts, in photography, in cinema … and, of course, our advice on, for example, how to buy a horse, how to fall from a horse, how to travel with a horse… the horse in history, in objects…

Club Cavallo Italia and the Horse. Here you will find pages dedicated to the Great Italian Horses, to the most beautiful and most Famous Breeds in the world but also to the less famous breeds, Horses and Italy… topics that interest us why we love the horse and we believe that they love you as much as we do.
Club Cavallo Italia and the HorseClub Cavallo Italia and the Horse because Club Cavallo Italia is the world of those who love horses and their elegance and want to know everything about this extraordinary animal (but we do not like to call it an animal …) that it does not find on other sites.
A place to take refuge and get lost reading many news and insights on the animal we love the most (but, as we have already said, we do not like to call it an animal).

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