Club Cavallo Italia Events

EventsEvents. In this space you will find the events of Club Cavallo Italia, all designed, created and organized for people like you who love horses.

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Events on the elegance of the horse, as Fashion and Horses, on the emotions that every horse inspires, that every horse turns on every time you meet it or simply talks about it. Emotions that only those who share our philosophy know and appreciate.

Events that we have organized and will organize, naturally always national and international, as Italian Gallop Championship, because elegance has no boundaries, beauty is admired and appreciated all over the world by people who recognize themselves in our philosophy, the fascination is universal.

EventsThe events will naturally refer to sports with the horse, from equestrian to horse racing to the pole … but also events in the classical arts and new arts, such as photography, drawing, cinema … without forget about travels

Of course we are evaluating, planning and organizing other initiatives and your suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Here: Thank you.

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