Made in Italy and Horses

Made in Italy and Horses. Why did we put them together? What do you share? Beauty.

Made in Italy and all over Italy, they are synonymous with beauty, refinement, art, traditions, history…Made in Italy and Horses

Made in Italy and Horses. The horse is an animal (but we do not like to call it animal…) that contains the same important and unique values of Italy: beauty, emotions, class, elegance…

Made in Italy and HorsesIn this corner of our site we will write about the unique beauties of Italy: from the Colosseum, the most famous monument of the world, to the smallest unknown church, to the monument few people know, from the city of Rome, the capital of Italy to the smallest and unknown but beautiful ancient village. Heritage landscapes of us all, without forgetting Italian products: from quality crafts to food and wine, values that lovers of the horse understand and appreciate more than others.Made in Italy and Horses

Made in Italy and Horses. Beauties, values and products that will also be the destination of travels, accompanied by us from Club Cavallo Italia.

And now we talk about the other beauty of horses: Italy has 28 horses breeds.

Made in Italy and HorsesFrom Bardigiano passing through Haflinger and Maremmano to finish at Italian Trottatore.

Unique beauties that the whole world envies us, like the 28 Italian horses breeds, which you will find in the pages dedicated to them, pages that we are writing.

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