What We Do

What We DoClub Cavallo Italia. Welcome.

Welcome to Club Cavallo Italia, the world of those who love horses even without owning one.

Welcome to the world of class, charm, elegance, emotions that only the horse transmits.

In short: welcome to Club Cavallo Italia, unique, charming and independent.

What We Do?

Club Cavallo Italia is the world of horse lovers and in our world there are the class and emotions that only the horse possesses and transmits when it is the protagonist in the arts, in sport, in games, in movies, in drawings, in books…

What We Do

Red Horse – Aligi Sassu 1952

Club Cavallo Italia welcomes those who love the horse and what this extraordinary animal represents (but we do not like to call it an animal), people who have a special sensitivity for what is beauty, class, charm and elegance.
A discreet world that did not exist before, emotions to live high level experiences.
Here there are no current news because for these there are specialized sites and newspapers: we are not journalists and we leave these issues to those who are better than us in these matters.

What We Do?

On the other hand, the Class, the Elegance, the Beauty of the Horse will have space, a lot of space in all its expressions: from art to fashion, from films to photographs, from drawings to poems …

In Club Cavallo Italia we take care of let know the horse with level events, to convey the emotions that make the horse live, we look for the beauty of the horse in art, in travel, in words, in places…


…in objects, in traditions, in the beauty and elegance that surrounds us: values that risk being forgotten by the frenzy and speed of today’s world.
Valuable values for those who love horses.

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