The World of Club Cavallo Italia

The World of Club Cavallo Italia is the world of those who love that extraordinary animal that is the horse (but we don’t like to call it animal), your big house where you will find a lot, a lot about the horses and their elegance.

What you won’t find is the current news: we are not journalists and we let these things be done to those who specialize in news.

Club Cavallo Italia, of course, is open to people from all over the world who love horses, beauty, elegance and Made in Italy.

The World of Club Cavallo Italia

A place to meet, read and watch images and videos that have the horse as a protagonist.

Club Cavallo Italia is the charm, the style, the class and the emotions that only the horse transmits.

Club Cavallo Italia welcome those who love horses and what this extraordinary animal represents represents, people who have a particular sensitivity for what is beauty, style, charm and elegance.

A discreet world that proposes the philosophy of an elegant lifestyle, emotions to live high-level experiences.

Club Cavallo Italia makes you feel part of a world that did not exist before, the timeless, unique and elegant world of emotions, the magic, the charm that only the Horse possesses and transmits.

Instead, there will be space, lots of space for Glamor, Elegance, the Beauty of the Horse in all its expressions: from art to fashion, from movies to photographs, from drawings to poems… here.

The World of Club Cavallo Italia

In the world of Club Cavallo Italia there is our online shop of Made in Italy products, made by Italian hands and dedicated to the horse.

The World of Club Cavallo Italia

… finally, you will read our recommendations for the your life, for your holidays, your free time…

Siena and it's Palio

This is Club Cavallo Italia: where to take refuge in the search for beauty, exclusivity, elegance and… sympathy.

The World of Club Cavallo Italia

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