Welcome. Welcome to Club Cavallo Italia.

Welcome to the world of Club Cavallo Italia, the world of those who love the horse and elegance.

Welcome to the world of charm, style, class, emotions that only the horse can convey.

In a nutshell: welcome to Club Cavallo Italia, unique.


Club Cavallo Italia is the world of horse lovers and in our world there is the charm and emotions that only the horse possesses and transmits when it is protagonist in the arts, sport, games, films, drawings, books…

Club Cavallo Italia was born to welcome those who love the horse and what this extraordinary animal (but we do not like to call it animal) represents, People who have a particular sensibility for what is beauty, style, charm and elegance.

A discreet world that propose the philosophy of an elegant lifestyle, emotions to experience high-level experiences.

Club Cavallo Italia wants to make you feel part of a world that did not exist before, the timeless world, unique and elegant of the emotions, the magic, the charm that only the Horse possesses and transmits.

You will never find news here because there are specialized sites and newspapers for them: we are not journalists who tell what is happening in the race fields or what the various associations decide. We leave these themes to those who are better than us in these topics

Instead it will have space, plenty of space for the Glamor, Elegance, Beauty of Horse in all its expressions: from fashionable art, from movies to photographs, drawings to poems …

The site is continually enriched with articles about the Grand Horses that have made the history, horse in the arts with paintings by famous Masters but also with the designs of the girls and children who love the horse, with club events, with the Travel destinations, of course, places where the horse is the absolute protagonist…

This is Club Cavallo Italia: where to take refuge in the search for the beautiful, the exclusive, the elegance… of sympathy.

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