Welcome to the world of those who love horses and their elegance.

Welcome to Club Cavallo Italia, the world open to people from all over the world who love horses and their elegance.

After the welcome we present you what is in our world, in the world of Club Cavallo Italia but first we tell you what you will not find: you will not find current news of any kind on the horse and the world of the horse.

We are not journalists who deal with current news and we leave this job to those who are good and do it for work every day.

Enter the world of Club Cavallo Italia too.

We welcome you with joy in a unique world created for those who love horses and their elegance.

Now discover it. Thank you.

You will find elegance, style, friendliness, friendship, values that today are quite rare.


Club Cavallo Italia is the world, unique, dedicated to places, films, art, history … where the horse is the protagonist and you will also discover our suggestions for your free time, for your holidays and much, much more, of course with the horse protagonist.


And in this big sector you can satisfy all your curiosity about horses as, for example, all the Italian breeds of horses, the horses of the 1900s that made Italian horse racing great, the horses and sport, our advice and much, much more but if you do not find what you are looking for, write to customercare@clubcavalloitalia.it. Thank you.


In the world of Club Cavallo Italia there is our online shop of Made in Italy products, made by Italian hands and dedicated to the horse.

If you want you could become Brand Ambassador of Club Cavallo Italia. We are very selective and to learn more visit this paragraph. Thank you.


Here you will find elegance, friends and … sympathy.

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